Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vegan Muenster Cheese -- It Can Be Done!

One of my favourite cheeses as a little burgeoning rat of a child cheese-lover was muenster.  I loved it especially on sandwiches, slightly melted, or creamed into the rest of the ingredients.  That zippy, paprika taste was tangy and alive.

I have never seen a vegan version in a store (and I've been to some of the most fringe vegan-foods-from-all-over-the-world ones).  My internet search shows there are a couple of varieties nowadays (I've been eating vegan off and on since 1993).  I wanted to make my own.

I have not yet purchased the somewhat famous vegan cheese cookbook as of yet.  I wanted to try a few recipes first, determine if it was worth the bother (after having eaten friends' versions of tofu-based vegan cheeses a decade ago, and hated them), then take the plunge.

Enter the internet.

As I said with my gouda post, please visit the blog where I located this recipe (despite the fact that I believe it is lifted 100% from the book), and take a look.  I don't post recipes unless they are my own.  I do, however, love finding recipes from books I've not obtained, from the internet, giving me a test drive.

Here is the blog that birthed my muenster mash. http://healthykitschyvegan.wordpress.com/tag/muenster-cheese/ .

I made it with all the optional ingredients, agar powder, and coriander.

The photos below will show you the results.  Yummy and very sexy looking cheese!  It's easy on the eyes for sure!

I think I could do without the silken tofu, as it makes it less creamy (the Gouda was amazingly creamy to spread from the knife, and melt without much difficulty).  I also would like to try it without the lemon juice, and add perhaps a tiny amount of horseradish or cocktail sauce.  It needs something slightly more tangy, but not lemony.

I could see myself leaving in the silken tofu to make a really yummy pepper jack that could stand up to salads (brainchild for using the leftover silken tofu!).

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