Wednesday, July 6, 2011

and so is the tabouleh!

Today was too beautiful to leave the quinoa uncooked. I had planned to make a traditional, bulgar tabouleh today. In my search for a good recipe I discovered my favourite ancient grain made into a fresh and crisp-looking yumminess found here:

Just make sure you're using a sprouted quinoa.

There are variations such as the red quinoa, some chives, some mint leaves, more coarsely chopped veggies, and more garlic (we are garlic lovers).


Summertime and the vegan potato salad is easy

especially if you use a fantastic recipe as a base of operations!

Today's Fraser Valley Vegan establishment is Chez Moi.

This is a variation on the Post Punk Kitchen's message board, which offers a fabulous and reliable bevy of recipes. I added fresh dill, fresh chives, carrots, and a little less mustard. I also love to add crumbled tofu (I forgot this go round) as it simulates the old texture of boiled egg whites I actually liked as a kid.

Here is a link to the recipe: Potato Salad